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Good News You Can Use PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID PELAHATCHIE, MS PERMIT NO. 4 Pelahatchie News P.O. Box 771 Pelahatchie, MS 39145 INSIDE THIS ISSUE ERA (pg. 3) and PHS (pg. 10) Homecoming Courts Muscadine Jubilee photos - pg. 13 October 2018 Volume 7 Issue 10 Pelahatchie, MS A Caring & Friendly Atmosphere Treating Children, Adults, and Seniors Cleanings • Fillings Extractions • Whitening Dentures • Crowns Root Canals • Implants and More Pelahatchie bond issue projects underway As part of the $178,504,389 Rankin County Bond Issue passed on March 7, 2017, Pelahatchie schools, serving ap- proximately 870 students, are currently adding or renovating utilizing almost $10 million of that figure. Plans are to complete the Pelahatchie Elementary School (PES) projects in July 2019, and Pelahatchie High School (PHS) projects by December 2019. Rankin County School District (RCSD) is the third largest school dis- trict in the state with nearly 19,500 stu- dents in eight communities that house 28 schools. These communities are Brandon, Florence, McLaurin, North- west Rankin in Flowood, Pelahatchie, Pisgah, Puckett, and Richland. The RCSD is in the midst of upgrading all 28 schools within the next five years, according to Shane Sanders, assistant superintendent, buildings and grounds, who oversees all construction projects. "We looked and listened to the stake- holders," said Sanders, who served as principal and in other positions for 21 years. "I’m excited [about] what’s coming. We have a good architect and two good contractors to make these im- provements to security and aesthetics. All needs are being addressed so the students, parents and community will benefit." PHS, built in 1959, will get $7.2M in improvements, including a new front secure entry fine arts facility, as well as a new band hall and chorus room addition. Additions also include a mul- tipurpose facility, new science lab, two new classrooms, two career academies, a new intercom/fire alarm/security cam- By Susie A. Wolfe Image special to Pelahatchie News Explosion rocks Pelahatchie Photo by Pelahatchie News There was an explosion around noon on September 13 in downtown Pelahatchie on Mimosa Street at the railroad tracks. The Jackson Commodities Building under construction blew up when a worker was welding, but there was no fire, and no one was hurt. The owner, Cindy Jackson, said she can’t confirm the cause. continued on page 2 Town increases sewer rates In a Special Session on September 13, the Town of Pelahatchie Board of Al- dermen passed an increase in water and sewer rates effective November 1. The Board approved increasing residential water and sewer rates from $21 to $22 for the first 2,000 gallons and $2.36 to $2.70 per 1,000 gallons of water over 2,000, and $3.48 to $4.10 per 1,000 gallons over 2,000. They also created a commercial rate of $25 for the first 2,000 gallons of wa- ter and sewer, and $3.25 for water and $4.75 for sewer per 1,000 gallons over 2,000. Waggoner Engineering presented a water and sewer rate study, requested by Mayor Ryshonda Beechem, that showed an increase in water and sewer rates was needed to generate the funds necessary to cover general operating expenses associated with improvements neces- sary to meet the new limits enforced by MDEQ. The new rates will help offset increased cost associated with commer- cial users, stated the Board minutes. In other business, the Board took no action at the September 4 Regular Meeting or the September 13 Special Session on the request from Pelahatchie By Susie A. Wolfe Photo by Pelahatchie News continued on page 2 The almost 60-year-old PHS is currently undergoing $7.2M in additions and improvements including a new secure entryway shown. At the same time, PES is receiving $2.7M upgrades and additions (pg 2). RCSD’s Shane Sanders, Assistant Superintendent of Build- ings and Grounds, is shown giving Mayor Ryshonda Beechem $20,000 for Milltown Park at City Hall. The Mayor and the Board of Alderman expressed appreciation to Rankin County School District for their continued support in the Town of Pelahatchie.