Truck Drivers: Common Novice Mistakes To Avoid

  • 04/28/2021, 01:36 PM (update 04/28/2021, 01:39 PM)
Truck Drivers: Common Novice Mistakes To Avoid
A good work ethic is crucial for all truck drivers. Common novice mistakes to avoid, like those in this guide, can compromise safety on and off the road.

Becoming a truck driver can be a great career choice as long as you tackle the job with passion and understand the rules and regulations involved. The same can be said about many industries, but there are special safety and responsibility levels pertinent to all truck drivers. Common novice mistakes to avoid, such as the ones below, can compromise road safety for the trucker and everyone around them. Newcomers to the trucking industry should study the mistakes below to ensure they never display such neglect on and off the road.

Incorrect Expectations

Driving as a job might seem simple on the outside, but trucking is far from a stress-free job. A newcomer to the industry might think, “I love driving, so I don’t care about the hours!” While a positive attitude and passion for driving are great in this industry, a lack of proper expectations can harm drivers. This job involves spending many hours on the road and away from your family.

From day one, understand the type of schedule this job brings and make an effort to schedule family time around each haul. You should never have to prioritize your career over a healthy home life, especially if you prepare for the long hours ahead of time.


Too Much Confidence

Being confident at your job is great, but overconfidence can pose an issue. Too much confidence can lead to a driver choosing to be a bit looser with certain guidelines and regulations. This is a common occurrence among many fields of work, and trucking is no exception. Some industry regulations might seem pointless, but that’s far from the truth. 

For example, after putting in some hours on the road, a driver might become overly confident in their truck’s weight, choosing to skip weigh stations during their journey. However, professional drivers must understand the key reasons to weigh trucks, all of which can improve work ethic and road safety. Completing multiple successful hauls can cause newcomers to assume they’re now expert truck drivers. Common novice mistakes to avoid are crucial for new drivers to understand—and neglecting road regulations due to overconfidence is at the top.

Insufficient Sleep

New truckers often try to push themselves to drive late into the night, or maybe even enjoying something different than your normal nine-to-five shift. However, skipping out on enough sleep will build up over time negatively. In other words, the more you excessively push yourself on the road, the more likely you are to develop driver fatigue during the day. To remain both productive and healthy, drivers must stick to a consistent sleep schedule every night.





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