Mississippi Is Still a Deadly State for Motorcyclists

  • 08/23/2021, 01:41 PM
  • Steven Zwick
Mississippi Is Still a Deadly State for Motorcyclists

As travelers embark on the roadways of Mississippi, we can all expect to see many motorcycles traveling as well. Motorcycles are incredibly popular modes of transportation. However, they can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents result in tragedy. Safety should always be the number one priority of all motorcycle enthusiasts. Follow along for helpful tips and tricks for motorcycle safety.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents can have deadly consequences for bikers. It can be enough to make motorcyclists afraid to head out on the roads. It is still safe to ride as long, but you have to practice responsibility. Reckless behavior and making poor choices can lead to an accident. Practicing common sense and making good choices will greatly reduce your risk of an accident.

In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 5,172 fatal motorcycle accidents. This represents a 3% drop from the previous year. Despite the drop in deaths, motorcycle safety is still ever important. Riding safely may sound like simple common sense, but the number of accidents proves that there is a need for some reminders.


When we think of advertising, our minds most often jump to commercials for a product or service. Few will think about a safety ad campaign. A campaign of this sort, however, can be incredibly effective. The more that riders hear about the danger of accidents, the more likely it will be to stick in their memories. This can help to reduce accidents in not just Mississippi, but all over the country.

An advertising campaign can be multi-faceted. It can be more than just a reminder to practice safe driving. For instance, choosing to run an online campaign is a highly effective tool. If a local government put something on their website, it would hold the same value as 24 full-page newspaper ads each year. These campaigns can highlight new safety measures that have come along. This will help to ensure the safety of all motorcycle riders. Every rider wants to make sure that their bike is running smoothly. Properly running motorcycles never make national news but that is a good thing.

Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle safety is similar to regular car safety in many regards. Riding a motorcycle while intoxicated or high is an obvious example. The dangerous consequences can go unsaid. It is never appropriate to display this type of behavior in any situation.

Motorcyclists, like drivers, need to always be aware of their surroundings. Due to the wide-open nature of their rides, however, awareness is even more of a priority. Cars, trucks, and vans have the luxury of surrounding those inside with their metal exterior. A biker is out in the open and vulnerable to an accident. It is imperative that riders are aware of things such as the road conditions and the position of other vehicles. Yes, drivers need to be aware of things too, but the concern is heightened for motorcycle riders. What could be a minor fender bender for a car, truck, or van, can result in serious injury or death for a motorcyclist.

Lubrication is always important for every motorcycle. In 2017, Future Market Insights conducted a report on lubrication consumption. The report determined that over $4 billion worth would be consumed for lubricating transportation equipment all over the globe. This should prove to be beneficial for both motorcycle riders and car drivers.

Helmets are probably the most important piece of equipment for every motorcyclist. Helmet laws may vary by state, but they should always be worn regardless. Failure to wear a helmet can cause severe brain damage in an accident. Make sure that your helmet is secure and comfortable for you when purchasing. Check out the safety ratings beforehand. Nobody wants to get in an accident, but sometimes they're inevitable. A safe helmet can be the difference between life and death.

Riding a motorcycle can be an extraordinary thrill ride. This activity is, however, quite the dangerous one. If you are a biking enthusiast, it is important that you practice common sense and always make safety your number one priority.

Steven Zwick



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