Preventable Deaths Mississippi Needs to Address

  • 01/18/2022, 09:51 AM
Preventable Deaths Mississippi Needs to Address

The national news reports what people don't want to hear. But the shocking news? There are plenty of ways people die in Mississippi, and not all of them require the same amount of treatment to survive. Sometimes, with the current limitations of society, legislation yet to be passed, and boundaries yet to be pushed, a unique kind of effort is needed to combat some of the saddest ways people die. Ultimately, there are ways Mississippi can prevent deaths in the coming years. Unfortunately, many of these tragic experiences can hit close to home.

Smoking-Related Deaths

Smoking-related deaths may be one of the most preventable deaths in America. When it comes to cutting down on deaths, Mississippi must do more to stop people from picking up cigarettes in the first place. Even though most people, including kids, tend to know about smoking, there are plenty of risks where people are not educated, or worse, take the risks anyway. Therefore, health departments and medical clinics should encourage patients to quit smoking. With more people frustrated by secondhand smoke, it's getting impossible to find somewhere relaxing to smoke--but not nearly enough. After all, secondhand smoke is known to have devastating effects. And, yes, in both children and adults. The impact of smoking has been felt for generations, so, Mississippi has to do its role to stop people from smoking.

Deaths Related to Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution

Indoor and outdoor air pollution can irritate the lungs. Especially those belonging to people with asthma and allergies. Even for the healthy American, pollution can cause respiratory illnesses to develop, emphasizing the need to get people aware of outdoor air pollution. Any weather app will provide Mississippi city residents with an update on smog and air quality conditions. That's important considering 100 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air annually. That is about 2 tons per home, via air conditioners, so not knowing the air quality is equivalent to breathing in pollutants through a hose. The risk is obvious. Regarding air quality, Mississippi needs education and counseling. The toxic effects of pollution can sneak up on millions of Americans. Therefore, residents should avoid opening windows or staying outside if air pollution is bad. Sometimes, for Mississippi residents, it's better to be safer than sorry.

Suicide Deaths

Mental health is becoming more openly discussed today than ever before. Unfortunately, a tragic number of people are choosing to end their own lives, and it's happening in Mississippi like it is everywhere else. The city must work together to gather funding for mental health resources. Reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by encouraging local residents to share their success stories. There is plenty of help for people with suicide, but sadly, the person suffering this doesn't realize that truth until it's too late. Still, suicide deaths are preventable. The city of Mississippi has a responsibility to make sure residents know the impact.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Related Deaths

Drug-related deaths continue to rip apart communities. The opioid crisis alone was enough to shatter families shattered by addiction. Even then, addiction isn't limited to opiates. There are plenty of ways drugs will destroy your body, especially if taken for a prolonged period. There's also the fact that drugs contribute to car accidents. Every hour, the United States will record 733 auto-related accidents. That's enough to suggest that some of the drivers are impaired in alcohol or substances. Rehab and detox programs go a long way toward getting people clean. But often, these services aren't available to everyone. Therefore, the city of Mississippi should concentrate on reducing the impact of drug abuse. Particularly, by focusing on the increased use of outpatient treatment programs, as well as individual counseling. The more people who know they have access to help, the better the city will be. That's where Missippi residents want to live.

There are other deaths that, as a nation, we can address as well. For example, 10% of people who get Legionnaires' disease will die from the infection, and we can do more to research how to treat and prevent this disease. While the national news has shown plenty of deaths around the country, every resident in Mississippi should know about the potential for avoidable deaths. Whether it's smoking, mental health, suicide, or alcohol, residents are fortunate enough to know there are ways to avoid these deaths. All the city of Missippi has to do is come together. In working together, there is a deeper understanding. A deeper understanding is the key to solutions.




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