5 Must-Have Tools and Agricultural Equipment for Small Farms

  • 06/17/2022, 10:32 AM
  • Shea Rumoro
5 Must-Have Tools and Agricultural Equipment for Small Farms
Farming requires lots of work, but the load is lighter with the right equipment. These five must-have tools and agricultural equipment for small farms will help.

Small farms offer a wealth of agricultural opportunities of different levels, from land management to conservation. These farms are also some of the main resources for the food industry. These five must-have tools and agricultural equipment for small farms are essential for developing and producing food from animals or produce.

Pickup Truck

A pickup truck is one of the best long-term investments you can make for your farm. Its versatility and ability to transport various items, including wood, supplies, feed, and livestock—teamed with attachments and trailers—make it a necessity for small farms. With a truck, you can easily transport small livestock such as poultry, goats, sheep, and pigs from your farm to the processing plant or to another farm.

Livestock Trailer

A trailer is perfect for large livestock such as horses and cows. Hauling animals is sometimes necessary when you must sell them or move them somewhere else; this attachment will make transportation and management much easier. Larger machines such as lawnmowers, tractor attachments, and gardening equipment also fit perfectly inside most trailers. Plus, a trailer is versatile—you can also use it for storing agricultural equipment when you’re not using it for transportation.

Plucking Machine

If your farm focuses on producing and selling poultry, then a chicken-plucking machine will come in handy. For smaller farms, plucking takes a long time and usually involves many people; this machine can help you achieve your goals more quickly and effectively. Some power equipment suppliers can handle different sizes depending on your needs.

Electric Tools

Two tools are essential for agricultural purposes and for handling livestock: a circular saw and an electric drill. These two tools will come in very handy for most projects around the farm. Sometimes things break, especially when you’re dealing with livestock. Whether you need to repair your barn or fix the feeder, you should always have this pair of tools ready.

There are many other tools you can choose from to increase your collection, including a disc grinder, rotary hammer, or miter saw. These tools will maximize your time and profits.

Milking Station

A milking station for your cows will cut the time you spend milking in half and elevate your production. This must-have tool allows small farms dedicated to milk to be among the top in the industry. A bigger machine called a milking carousel performs all the milking processes without any human interaction. This is an excellent upgrade from a milking station if you want to grow your business.

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