Mississippi Is Facing a Big Car Accident Problem

  • 10/07/2021, 11:07 AM (update 10/29/2021, 11:52 AM)

You may have seen on the national news or social media that Mississippi is one of the most dangerous states to drive in. This is because of the high rate of car accidents. A recent study of traffic accidents in Mississippi shows that the state has the highest rate of fatal automobile crashes in the country. The study, compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also found that Mississippi had the highest number of fatal accidents per capita in the country. So, what causes the high rate of accidents in Mississippi? Here are some reasons.

Unsafe Driving Conditions

According to an analysis of NHTSA crash data, high accident rates are linked to poor driving conditions. Mississippi is one of the most poorly lit states in the nation. For the last five years, the American Society of Civil Engineers rated at least a quarter of all state highways 'poor' or 'fair.' This has led to increased cases of accidents where car accidents in the United States have surpassed the 5.5 million mark every year.

Drunk Driving

Some people think that drunk driving doesn't happen as often in Mississippi because the population is so small. But that's not the case. It's just that the population doesn't get so drunk that it results in a fatal crash. If you have been to any gathering, you have probably heard stories about how people get drunk, have a wreck, and then get arrested. And the state of Mississippi is not alone in this type of behavior.

Alcohol-related accidents in Mississippi are the third leading cause of traffic fatalities in the United States. An increasing number of car accidents have seen the automotive collision repair market grow and is projected to exceed $280 billion by 2024. So, because of the cause of the high number of alcohol-related accidents, we should take it as a given that all the states involved are part of a sad state of affairs.

Disobedience Of Traffic Rules

We all know that law enforcement officers in Mississippi must have a CDL or NCDL to get a license. Well, they have to be at least 21 years old, have their eyesight checked at least once every four years, and have an excellent driving record for at least two years. A few more things to note: drivers in Mississippi must pay for their own CDL inspection every two years, and they must have a valid insurance policy to be issued a CDL. So why are there so many accidents in Mississippi? Because drivers are not following the rules and are causing severe problems for everyone around them.

Poorly Maintained Vehicles

This one is probably obvious, but many people don't know that Mississippi does not have well-maintained vehicles. Many vehicles on Mississippi roads still do not have seatbelts installed, and many cars require other safety features. After analyzing data, it was determined that the most common reason Mississippi's driving habits are considered the worst in the nation was that these roads had poorly maintained cars.

Some of these vehicles were purchased as far back as 2004 and 2006. These cars received little maintenance during that time. Due to the poorly maintained roads causing increased accident cases, there have been a lot of scrub metals for shipment. In every recycled shipping container, approximately 3,500 kilograms of steel is meant for reuse. Although unfortunately, all these drivers were involved in fatal accidents, it might be good that they did not drive on the roads they are currently driving on today.

Distraction Of Drivers

Distracted driving is the most common reason for auto accidents in Mississippi. As a driver, you have to be aware of your surroundings, including your passengers, the surrounding traffic, and the potential hazards. Not only are your passengers and those around you waiting to see what you do, but they also can also text on their cell phones, causing them to be distracted as well. The heavier traffic might be another reason for distractions. Even if you are not doing something wrong, your mind is likely to go several different places at one time. All of these incidents are made even worse if a driver does not have adequate car insurance. Luckily, there are options out there for  car insurance that does not require upfront payment.

The only way to combat the high rate of car accidents in Mississippi is to educate drivers on all aspects of driving - both before they get their license and throughout their driving career.




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