How To Maintain the Quality of Your Outdoor Flag

  • 05/20/2022, 11:29 AM
  • Shea Rumoro
How To Maintain the Quality of Your Outdoor Flag
Learn how to maintain the quality of your outdoor flag in order to optimize its appearance and prevent the need to invest in future replacements.

An outdoor flag serves a variety of purposes for businesses, organizations, or your front yard. When you’re in the process of buying a flag, overlooking the required maintenance for it can be all too easy. An outdoor flag’s exposure to harsh weather, debris, and other forms of outdoor activity can damage its material. Upkeeping your flag through maintenance is easier and more cost effective than frequently replacing it. Learn how to maintain the quality of your outdoor flag to optimize its appearance and to prevent the need to invest in future replacements.

Set Up a Space

Your setup for an outdoor flag should provide it with enough space to fly. External factors such as birds, trees, and other forms of debris often damage outdoor flags. Dedicating a space to set up your outdoor flag is important to keeping it out of the way of these external factors.

Make Frequent Repairs

Outdoor flags inevitably wear over time, but keeping up with repairs prolongs their life span. Routinely inspect the flag for tears or loosened threads, and repair them accordingly. You’ll find the most wear on the bottom and corners. Trimming and hemming frayed areas is recommended.

Clean Regularly

Outdoor flags are regularly exposed to nature and elements such as soil and rainwater, all of which will stain the material over time. Effectively cleaning an outdoor flag prevents stains from becoming permanent and protects the visibility and quality of the flag’s material. Remove grime with warm water and mild soap to avoid damaging the fibers. Air-dry the flag by laying it on a flat surface to prevent the dyes from bleeding.

Protect It From the Weather

Inclement weather conditions such as high winds, snow, and thunderstorms place your outdoor flag at risk of damage. If the weather soaks or vigorously moves the flag, permanent damage is possible. It’s important to bring the flag indoors until the harsh weather has subsided and to double-check guidelines about flying a national flag in severe weather.

An effective way to prolong the life of an outdoor flag is to choose one that’s made of higher-quality material. A flag made with durable fibers will be able to withstand weather conditions and routine washing without loosening hems or fading the dye. If an outdoor flag serves an important purpose outside your home or business, reaching out to a professional source for any needed repairs will be worthwhile.

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