How To Properly Store Your Safety Apparel

  • 06/22/2022, 01:23 PM
  • Shea Rumoro
How To Properly Store Your Safety Apparel
Learn how to store your safety apparel properly. Prevent contamination and reduce deterioration to keep your safety garment in service longer.

Various industries require their employees to wear personal protective clothing (PPE). In many cases, the safety apparel of an employee is their first line of defense against hazardous materials and toxic airborne particles. While it is vital to practice PPE compliance on the job, your role in staying safe doesn’t end when you leave the job site. Proper storage of safety gear helps ensure a controlled environment that helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Learn how to properly store your safety apparel to prevent contamination and reduce deterioration to keep your safety garment in service longer.

Keep Out of Sun

Direct exposure to sunlight or other sources of UV radiation can cause fading and rapid deterioration of safety garment fibers. Store your safety apparel in a windowless storage area or corrugated boxes to prolong its life.

Avoid Direct Impact

Employees should never wear ripped safety apparel or gear with holes or tears, especially along the seams. Avoid storing your safety apparel near objects that can puncture or scrape against the material. Store your safety apparel away from general pedestrian traffic to reduce the risk of someone accidentally damaging the material.

Protect From Humidity

Always protect your personal protective equipment from direct water and humidity. If you work in operations that expose you to high levels of moisture, it’s crucial to select a storage room with a controlled environment. Store your safety gear in a water-resistant container, the original packaging, or a shipping carton to keep your apparel moisture-free.

Use a Sterile Environment

Part of knowing how to properly store your safety apparel includes maintaining sterility. This includes when you are storing it. Ensure the storage area for your safety apparel is free of dirt, grime, and dust particles. Leave your safety apparel in the original packaging until needed. Always store your safety apparel on a shelf at a reasonable height to avoid water leaks or compression damage.

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