The Best Inclusive Games To Play in Gym Class

  • 06/29/2022, 03:17 PM
  • Shea Rumoro
The Best Inclusive Games To Play in Gym Class
With summer here, it’s not too early to find new games for kids to play in the new school year. Next year, focus on inclusive games to play in gym class.

Gym class offers many ways for children to get out and be active. Staying active is vital to a child’s development and offering different games to play introduces the concept of inclusiveness to everyone. Your choices for inclusive games to play in gym class are endless—read on to discover some of the best games to pick for your students.


Soccer is an excellent all-inclusive game that only requires two teams, a ball, and a net. There are other ball types to use, including ones that are softer and lightweight. However, to make this more beneficial for children with limitations, try choosing smaller areas for play or having students walk instead of run during the game.

Gaga Ball

Gaga ball is the cultivator of inclusive play. Gaga ball is a popular choice in PE classes for many reasons, but it’s particularly trendy because it’s fun for people of all ages and abilities. Students have better chances of tapping a ball inside a pit instead of throwing it at another person.

There’s a perfect reason this game is the playground equalizer: it involves everyone in the gym regardless of skill or ability. All that’s required to play is teamwork, an octagonal pit, and a ball. Students adapt better to working together long-term through inclusive games like gaga ball.

Balloon Polo

Balloon polo is nothing like water polo. Children will get a kick out of playing with pool noodles to try and tap a balloon into a goal post. Balloon polo is a fun game that challenges everyone and is likely to get players laughing!

You need to place hula hoops or boxes around the gym or outside. After that, a teacher tosses the balloon into the air, and then students use noodles to keep it from touching the ground. If it touches the floor, the game starts again.

However, aside from preventing the balloon from landing on the ground, the objective is to hit the balloon enough times to land it in the other team’s goal.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are fun, but they can be strenuous for some children depending on the activities included. To make the system as fair as possible, have teams of two, and utilize different methods for children to navigate the hurdles. For example, you could use ropes to carve paths out for starters, or place hula hoops for students to climb or crawl through.

How To Apply Adaptive Play

It isn’t easy finding activities that suit all abilities, but it is easy to spot the necessary adjustments to make playing any game fun for everyone. Some small ways to make playtime better in PE include:

  • Creating quiet spaces for students
  • Putting up pictures of directions for visual learning
  • Breaking the class into teams when able

It’s fun playing equally in gym class; make the next school year better with more adaptive play options for students. Continue planning out new games for children so they can learn about inclusivity early on.

Shea Rumoro



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